DTI Bukidnon answers our complaint-post

BUKIDNON ONLINE | COMMENTARY | OPINION | BUKIDNON BUSINESS – Leave it to the power of the Internet to have grievances aired and eventually addressed in just a matter of hours. Right after we posted our complaint-entry about that weird Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Bukidnon rule, a representative of their office sent a comment (which we immediately approved and which you can also view at the comments section).

We would like to thank DTI Bukidnon for the very prompt response. It is in, after all, addressing issues in a prompt and professional manner that all become not only efficient government employees but socially conscious and responsible citizens as well.

Just a few quick notes and (unsolicited) recommendations before we close this issue:


First off, we did not and do not have any qualms when it comes to writing formal letters. We understand that this is part of the process and we, too, would also appreciate receiving formal letter-requests from people or entities that want to send in their requests.

Secondly, while we understand that your office databases are active and are subject to frequent edits or updates, it may be wise to have at least a full CD compilation of all registered trade names for a given year; say, one CD will contain all infos collected at the end of 2008 or at the end of 2009.

Thirdly, our Girl Friday immediately contacted us and clarified whether we needed the names of registered businesses or trade names. We later told her that we needed whatever infos DTI Bukidnon could provide. If trade names were the only ones you can give, then trade names it is. That was also when we told her to ask for the trade names of establishments found in Malaybalay, Valencia and Manolo Fortich. At least for a start.

Fourthly, while our Girl Friday may have misunderstood the “pay for the CD” part, she definitely did not make a mistake with the 5 pesos per trade name bit. That to us was the most appalling part. We know now that the 5 pesos per trade name was REAL and TRUE and that accordingly, you have these types of guidelines. Duly noted then. Thank you for the information.

Fifthly, we know that DTI has a general website and that it’s www.dti.gov.ph. However, if you may care to read our earlier post again, we said “please, if you have a COMPREHENSIVE, easy to understand and easy to navigate business matching website for people who want to do business with Bukidnon-based proprietors, entrepreneurs, companies etc, then please let the public know.” What we wanted (and hoped DTI Bukidnon had) was a specific business matching website solely for local suppliers and buyers. Sadly, we now know that you don’t have one.

And last but definitely not the least, we hope that you spare our Girl Friday. Don’t kill the messenger, ‘ika nga. The messages sent to her after we posted our entry were unnecessary. As far as we know, our complaint-entry was way harmless and may even pale in comparison to the many complaints lodged by taxpayers against government offices.

As citizens, it is but our right to complain and ring the alarm if there’s need. As public servants, you have the obligation to listen and address the concern.

BukidnonOnline.com has always been your partner, DTI Bukidnon. We have joined your workshops and we publish helpful press releases and announcements from your office because we know that we are and must be partners in social and public service, changemaking and community development. May this issue be put to rest and may all concerned parties move on and just work together. We believe that that’s what we’re both good at and what we’re both here to do.

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