Joggers Lane and landscaping project worth P1.7M being offered to bidders

BUKIDNON | BUKIDNON NEWS | MALAYBALAY CITY NEWS – Be honest. Before you read this blog post, did you know that there was a proposed joggers lane and landscaping project that was being offered to bidders for a total of Php 1,773,820.08? Did you know that the joggers lane and landscaping project will be done at the Capitol Compound in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon and that the project duration is a total of 200 days? SERIOUSLY. Did you know all about this?

I’m asking because I already asked 10 random people if they knew about this project and all of them said no. And mind you, 3 of these people were from the provincial government themselves! I find that oddly interesting. Don’t you?

Anyway, here’s the supposed scope of work for the said Php 1,773,820.08 project. Check these and please share your thoughts! Let me know if you think the amount is just right to cover the following scope of work or if the amount is too much:

(The following text is taken verbatim and yes, they only wrote scafoldings with one F)

Falls/Fountain (2 units) Earthworks Forms & Scafoldings Concrete Reinforcement Work Masonry Works
Joggers Lane & Landscaping
Earthworks Forms & Scafoldings Concrete Works Sub-grade Preparation Concrete Bench (4 units) Installation of PVC 4 dia.

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