Is Bukidnon ready for more fastfood chain restaurants?

A few days ago, while we were in Manila, we found ourselves deep in conversation with some investors. Mind you, these are investors who do not just own small businesses. These are investors who own large corporations. Apparently, they have been eyeing the Province of Bukidnon for a while now and they asked us if it was wise for them to invest in Bukidnon.

So we asked them what type of business they wanted to put up. They mentioned something about a refinery plant, perhaps even a mall and then maybe a few fastfood chain restaurants like McDonald’s.

We told them the refinery plant sounded like an absolutely good idea. The mall — well, we weren’t really sure about that especially with what’s happening with Gaisano Mall Malaybalay now. Besides, where should the mall be located anyway? Is Bukidnon really ready for a mall?

Truth be told, we were a bit more interested with the fastfood restaurant idea. Bukidnon now has two Jollibee branches — one in Malaybalay City and another one in Valencia City. Do you think the Province of Bukidnon is ready for more fastfood restaurants?

Is Bukidnon ready for a McDonald’s? What do you think? Leave your comments below and we’ll make sure we’ll pass on your feedback to these investors!


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