Valencia City police chief fired

Well, we guess it was just a matter of time. After so many reported cases of robberies, theft and carnapping in Valencia City, Bukidnon, the Philippine National Police has fired Valencia City P/Supt. Adonis Mutia.

The big bosses over at the PNP reportedly said that Mutia was sacked because of the seemingly rising number of crimes in Valencia Bukidnon.

Replacing Mutia is Supt. Narciso Domingo, a native of the Municipality of Kadingilan, Bukidnon. Domingo was working at the PNP Academy in Silang, Cavite in Luzon before his appointment as Valencia City’s newest chief of police.

According to reports, Valencia City only has about 60 policemen.

Coincidentally, barely a day before Mutia was relieved from his duties as Valencia chief of police, received a letter from a reader.

Here’s the email we received from a concerned citizen in Valencia City, Bukidnon:

Dear Sirs,

I am an avid reader of your blog. I subscribed to it so I can keep abreast with Bukidnon news and updates. I am happy that you positively responded to letters sent by concerned citizens like that of the garbage collection problem in Sugarland. You deserved a warm “bravo” for that! That same letter inspired me to write my concern about the successive terrible criminal incidents in Valencia lately.

I am actually not a resident in Valencia but I have been working here for the past four years already so I considered it my “second home.” Recently, I’ve heard words-of-mouth information about the successive terrible criminal incidents like robbery and holdups around Valencia City. What makes it terrible is the fact that it’s “successive.” It’s as if like a simple routinely activity that happens daily as expected. It’s even alarming to note that there were “balot vendors” and “rela drivers” who where robbed and threatened by these ruthless culprits. “Terribly horrible!” if I you let me describe it.

I wrote this letter for the following concerns and suggestions:

1. Can you include the latest news and updates about these terrible robbery cases in your daily blogs? This is not only for my own sake but for all of your subscribers all over Bukidnon. As concerned citizens, we would always want to keep abreast with the latest updates of these incidents.

2. Can you include some information, maybe an interview, of anyone from the city government or from the police station about the actions that they have done or have been doing to put these robbery cases to end? Whatever information they can give can at least provide us with an assurance that they have been doing their part as the supreme government of the city.

I apologize for sounding very aggressive. I just want this concern to be heard.

I look forward to your positive response about it.

Thanking you in advance.

To the letter sender — thank you very much for your email and for trusting! Given the recent developments, let us perhaps give the new Valencia chief of police time to do his job. If we don’t see any changes or if things will just turn for the worse, expect to raise this with the authorities.

In the meantime, we will take note of your suggestions. We will definitely do everything we can to help raise awareness among the people of Bukidnon. With concerned citizens like you, we can make a difference, we’re sure of that!

Daghang salamat!

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