That funny memo that got circulated around the Bukidnon Capitol

COMMENTARY | OPINION – More often than not, people expect government employees to “know more” than the average Joe.

After all, if you’re working for the government – be it for the provincial government or for the city government or even for the local barangay – you must at least either be qualified for the job or you try your darnest best to “appear” qualified (especially if you were just hired because of reasons other than the fact that you’re the best person for the job…do family ties and political accommodation ring a bell?).

Okay, was that confusing? Let’s cut to the chase.

Bukidnon Online received word that an official memo has circulated all around the Capitol a few days ago. It was a memo about the upcoming Christmas Party for the Bukidnon provincial government officials and employees.

In it were the guidelines on what to wear — apparently, this year, someone (or some people) thought it was a good idea to require the ladies to wear PARTY DRESSES. Ergo, whoever will wear a pair of jeans or a t-shirt will not be allowed to join the celebration (we can’t help but wonder if this will be followed). Plus we also got word that the memo — and may we stress an OFFICIAL MEMO — also had this word on it:


Yup, you read that right. SLEEPERS.

So why is this odd? Because the word was supposed to be spelled “SLIPPERS” — as in pair of slippers. The footwear. Not the people who are sleeping. Nor that Woody Allen film back in 1973.

Can you imagine? An OFFICIAL MEMO at that! A memo that circulated all over the government offices at Capitol. Officials and employees must not wear SLEEPERS.

Good God, are people so BUSY over at the Capitol that the mere spelling of an otherwise very easy word got overlooked? An OFFICIAL MEMO! O-F-F-I-C-I-A-L M-E-M-O!!!

So if in school, students receive failing marks when they can’t spell right…who gets to punish who over at the Capitol?

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