No bloggers in Bukidnon? REALLY NOW? Please verify first!

BUKIDNON BLOGGERS | COMMENTARY | OPINION – This is a bit of a rant so please feel free to skip this blog entry if you don’t want to know a little FUNNY but ABSOLUTELY WEIRD backstory. I think it’s about time that people – especially this one person – KNOW that while there may not be a lot of bloggers in Bukidnon, there are some out there (including the people behind – the longest-standing blog about Bukidnon! Three years and running now, boy!) and there will be MORE bloggers very, very soon!

More importantly, YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE introduced yourself as the only blogger in Bukidnon! HELLO?! Verify your so-called claim before you speak!

In fact, several existing and would-be Bukidnon bloggers have already signed up for the upcoming Blogging 101 and how to earn money online workshop cum Bukidnon Bloggers organizational meeting.

Now in case you haven’t heard of the workshop yet, then a simple blog search via Google could have been suffice! You need not introduce yourself as the ONLY blogger from Bukidnon because you and I know that THAT ISN’T THE TRUTH.

So why on earth am I making a big fuss about this?


Because this one person introduced himself as the only blogger from Bukidnon in a large gathering recently – particularly Wordcamp Philippines 2010! The temerity! The gall!

Aren’t you giving these Bukidnon bloggers a disservice by claiming that you’re the only blogger in town?

– a blog about the goings-on in Talakag (this has been online for quite sometime now)
Bukidnon Photo Journal
Bukidnon Our Home

and a whole lot more!

And here’s what’s absolutely hilarious — this person, who had the temerity to claim that he’s the only Bukidnon blogger, DOES NOT EVEN HAVE AN EXISTING BLOG!

Holy %^&$*#!

I do know that he used to run a so-called online directory (whose domain, incidentally, is very, very close to – go figure!) whereby people needed to pay before they get included in his so-called directory. But lo and behold, that so-called web directory of his went KAPUT after only several months. GO FIGURE.

Plus here’s another thing that really irked me (and amused me at the same time) – in one of the breakaway sessions during Wordcamp, he said that bloggers need not worry about theme copyrights. Instead, they should be worried about “BLAGGERISM.” Naturally, several people got confused with what he meant. Eventually, we all figured out that what he probably wanted to say was “PLAGIARISM.”


Mali na nga ang claim, mali pa ang grammar and diction.

So to YOU – wake up and smell the coffee!

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