More Bites Pizza Malaybalay – FAIL!

OPINION | COMMENTARY – Don’t you just hate it when businesses advertise something but they either do not offer that particular service after all or worse, they have a really weird policy?

Take the case of More Bites Pizza – Malaybalay City branch. This pizza parlor in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon recently advertised that they offered food delivery service. So just a few minutes ago, we decided to try More Bites Pizza Malaybalay only to be answered by a certain “Gemma” who claimed that:

First – More Bites Pizza Malaybalay Bukidnon does not have available delivery service (we’re not even sure if she meant that the delivery service was not available only today or what. We were already disappointed when she said that they couldn’t deliver after all, despite what they claim on their advertisements)

And second (we found this “policy” pretty weird) – they will only deliver if your house/shop/establishment is “ALONG THE HIGHWAY.” All together now — WHUUTTT?!?!

Now if you’re one unfortunate soul who lives along an inner city street, then too bad for you. Gemma of More Bites Pizza Malaybalay says they can’t serve you. Apparently even if you can afford to buy products from More Bites Pizza.

Oh well. What a terrible experience. Hope this bad review of More Bites Pizza Malaybalay will serve as a learning lesson. Obviously, it will take a whole lot before you can force us to give More Bites Pizza Malaybalay City another try.

More Bites Pizza Malaybalay — FAIL!

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