Malaybalay PNP: report policemen without helmets

BUKIDNON NEWS | MALAYBALAY CITY | MALAYBALAY BUKIDNON | MALAYBALAY NEWS – The original “announcement” may be poorly written but the message is loud and clear — if you see Malaybalay City policemen who ride motorcycles, motorbikes etc without any helmets on, report them!

The Malaybalay City Police Station challenged the public to report policemen who do not wear helmets via an announcement posted on a social networking website. Apparently, the Malaybalay Police station now wants to “strictly” enforce the “No Helmet, No Travel Policy.” We don’t want to do the Malaybalay City Police Station’s job for them so here you go…for your reading pleasure, may we present the “announcement” made by our guys in uniform: (the following text was lifted verbatim…meaning word for word, no single word has been changed at all…now please excuse us while we get some aspirin!)

Good morning to all, we are informing everyone here in Malaybalay City that the “No Helmet No Travel Policy” will be enforced religiously…. In fact if you will observe, Malaybalaycity Police Station personnel are complying said policy with strict enforcement by the Chief of Police to His personnel first to set the example to the greater civilian populace…. If there be any Policeman you observe not wearing helmet, please report it to the Chief of Police and surely he/she be sanctioned administratively… Except for the PNP personnel, other motorists may not use helmet when within the City proper as provided for in the City ordinance but not aplicable when traversing the National Highway….. Thank you..

Meanwhile, the Malaybalay City Police Station also announced that they finally have a new Hilux Patrol Jeep.

Now where’s that aspirin?

p.s. we hate to be grammar nazis but maannn, please, for the love of God, check your spelling and grammar before you post. It sorta kindda reflects the office you also represent. Just sayin!

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