Letter from a reader: Garbage problem in Valencia City Bukidnon

BUKIDNON ONLINE | VALENCIA CITY BUKIDNON | GOVERNMENT – Every time we receive a letter from a BukidnonOnline.com reader, not only do we feel appreciative and humbled, we also feel damn mighty proud to know that somehow there are people out there who believe in, follow and support what we do. Every feedback, comment and letter from our readers is an affirmation of our efforts and we are truly thankful.

We also appreciate receiving letters from readers who have stories, concerns, complaints and observations to share. We here in BukidnonOnline.com have always wanted to use whatever connections we have in order to help.

And so we would like to thank our most recent letter sender.


The letter is from a Valencia City Bukidnon resident. We withheld the sender’s name first since the sender did not explicitly say that we could mention the name.

However, if the letter sender is reading this right now – please feel free to let us know if you wish to be mentioned. Thanks.

Anyway, here is a copy of the letter sent to us via email: (printed verbatim)

Dear Sirs at Bukidnon Online,

I am an avid reader of your blog. I wish to bring to your attention the garbage collection problem here in Valencia City. It seems that the city has stopped collecting the garbage and we are having problems disposing them. I am from Sugarland Brgy Lumbo. It has been months but no garbage trucks are collecting the accumulated trash.

May I request from your good good blog to feature this issue? Para naman makalampag ang city government for its inaction. From what I read from your blog, you are taking up the cudgels for Bukidnon residents on issues that affect the province.

Because of lack of proper garbage disposal for the residents, this issue may soon grow into a health problem. We can not just burn our garbage because it is against the Clean Air Act. We could bury the trash but it could have detrimental effects on the quality of ground water.

With your blog, such issue can be highlighted and brought to the attention of responsible agencies of Valencia City. More power and God Bless

To the letter sender, thank you very much for bringing this to our attention. We admire concerned citizens like you!

Right after we received your email, we immediately contacted former Valencia City Councilor now consultant Atty. Oliver Owen Garcia.

Atty. Garcia would like to tell you that he appreciates your show of concern and that he agrees with me that Valencia City residents like you really must raise concerns like these to the government. He also said that to his knowledge, household garbage is no longer collected because of the Solid Waste Act whereby biodegradable garbage or wastes must already be placed in a compost pit. This means that apart from every household having/maintaining a compost pit, the barangay or community must also have one. Kindly check with your barangay captain or barangay officials with this.

Atty. Garcia also pledged to look into this matter further. Atty. Garcia will confer with Valencia City Mayor Leandro Catarata with regard to your concern 🙂

Rest assured that we here in BukidnonOnline.com will also do everything to follow this matter up.

Thanks again and thumbs up to you!

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