Is Bukidnon ready for a mall?

BUKIDNON – Is the Province of Bukidnon ready for a mall? We first posed this question in a social networking site a few days ago and we garnered various reactions.

Here are some of them:

1. Why not? Make the retailscape exciting
2. What will happen to sari2 store? Changes is good as long it will benefits to all the residents in Bukidnon not to the gov’t. WE THE PEOPLE not WE THE GOV’T.
3. Who wouldn’t want a mall in Bukidnon? FYI: in Valencia alone, we don’t have a cinema, and all the other shops in the big cities. Change is good especially if it help boost self-esteem and awareness.
4. Why not? We should be ready for a greater and better Bukidnon! I am for it!
5. no, bukidnon must always be a bukid!

Now if you’re wondering why we had to ask that question…it’s because Bukidnon Online has again received reports from an investor that a proposal to build a mall in Bukidnon has again been revived.

If you remember, there were talks before that a large company that’s engaged in mall construction and management met with top provincial government officials and proposed that a mall be put up in Bukidnon. Back then, however, the governor did not approve of it. Now we can’t help but wonder if things have changed over at the Capitol (what with the new governor and all) and if the investors may have a chance to explore their options to build a mall in Bukidnon.

So our question now is…IS BUKIDNON READY FOR A MALL? Why or why not?

Please leave your comments below 🙂 Thanks!

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