Bukidnon solon seeks for subsidy for indigent senior citizens

Bukidnon 3rd District Congressman and Assistant Majority Floor Leader Manuel Zubiri spoke during the March 9, 2021 privilege hour at the Lower House to urge fellow lawmakers to grant subsidy for indigent senior citizens.

“We have a lot of indigent senior citizens who do not have much in life and are struggling to survive. Many of them haven’t received their 4Ps and pensions,” the Bukidnon solon said.

Zubiri explained that due to the inflation rate increase of 4.7% and other factors that have resulted in price increase, indigent senior citizens now find it more difficult to purchase basic commodities.


“If we can help them, then why don’t we? This is our responsibility to our senior citizens,” he stressed.

Zubiri then proposed a subsidy of 1 sack of rice per quarter or 4 sacks of rice per year for every indigent senior citizen.

He said that this will only cost the government roughly Php 6,000 to Php 8,000 per year per indigent senior citizen who still do not currently receive any form of help from the government.

“This is such a small price to pay for the sacrifices they have made for our country,” Zubiri said.

The Bukidnon legislator also called for more district, city and municipal health diagnostics centers.

He said that because of the pandemic, other health conditions of senior citizens haven’t been given much attention. He said that there is an urgent need for facilities for blood works, diagnostics and check-ups.

“We are their hope, no one else,” Zubiri concluded.

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