Bukidnon Election Watch: election results in KIBAWE, Bukidnon

BUKIDNON NEWS | BUKIDNON UPDATES | POLITICS | ELECTIONS – Here are the election results in the Municipality of Kibawe in the third district of Bukidnon. BukidnonOnline.com, your Bukidnon community blog, will publish partial and unofficial results as they become available. This is our way of keeping everyone informed with the updates in Bukidnon in relation to the May 10, 2010 elections. Again, may we reiterate that the results published here are partial and unofficial. This is our way of extending public service to Bukidnon residents. Community service brought to you by this humble blog about Bukidnon and Bukidnon news.

Although these officials-elect are still unproclaimed, the latest count in the Municipality of Kibawe reveals the following elected officials:



1 CASINABE, Minerva C. 7,588
2 TAN, Gerardo H. 4,823
3 UY, Restituto R. 679

Vice-Mayor (Unopposed)

1 LIGAN, Luciano G. 9,692

Municipal Councilors

1 AGRAVANTE, Benny M. 4,255
2 ALONZO, Pedro, Jr. Q. 3,244
3 BA-A, Enerio H. 3,755
4 BALABA, Cresencio Y. 5,111
5 BATAO, Raymundo, Jr. A. 6,410
6 CABUG-OS, Gregoria S. 5,616
7 ENGHOG, Buenaventura, Jr. T. 3,589
8 JURADO, Rodulfo C. 6,734
9 LAHUNAY, Rogelio C. 4,230
10 MILLAN, Victoriano B. 4,396
11 MONTALBO, Desideria Y. 5,415
12 ROMERO, Bertmar C. 6,028
13 ROMERO, Ranilo P. 4,879
14 SAWYER, Soledad T. 3,938
15 SERIÑA, Vicente U. 5,919
16 TACASAN , Nilo B. 5,151

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