Nature Meets Modern Luxury: 3 Breathtaking Glamping Sites in Bukidnon to Visit All Year Round

Bukidnon is known as a thrill-seeker’s destination. To enjoy the beautiful views of this landlocked province, such as Kiokong White Rock Wall, you might need to do a Vertical Bivouac–cliff camping. To reach that part of the ledge where you will spend the night, it might take you two to three hours of a slow but steady climb.

Of course, an extreme adventure such as this is not for everyone. But it doesn’t mean that you won’t enjoy the beautiful nature of Bukidnon. You can always go for glamping (glamorous camping)–a more luxurious way of camping where you are supplied with luxurious amenities to ensure your immersion with nature is pleasurable.

If you are planning your next trip to Bukidnon with family and friends, here are a few glamping sites in the province worth visiting:

Kumaykay River Farm Dahilayan

If you want to wake up surrounded by greenery and the sound of flowing water, then the Kumaykay River Farm glamping experience is for you. This farm is originally a private dining destination, but soon they have added glamping amenities, increasing the number of tourists visiting the farm.

There are spacious glamping tents on the farm with a brick wall in the middle and a wooden floor reminiscent of a Bahay Kubo flooring. A unique feature of glamping tents in Kumaykay River Farm is the spacious indoor bathroom with a breathtaking view of the lush greens outside.

Tents here connect to an outdoor terrace where family and friends can eat dinner or party together while feasting on the sound of nature. This experience is similar to the everyday experience of residents in Verdana Homes in Laguna, an exclusive subdivision surrounded by verdant spaces.

You can dine, get a massage, bathe in the river, and stroll around the farm during your glamping visit. Glamping rates in Kumaykay River Farm start at PhP 5,000 for four people, including two complimentary breakfasts.

Taglucop Strawberry Hills

Once you step into Kitaotao’s Taglucop Strawberry Hills, you’ll wonder if you’re in Baguio or Bukidnon. This strawberry farm slash campsite is known for its geodesic glamping domes that can fit four to eight people, overlooking Arakan Valley. 

Photo of Taglucop Strawberry Hills by Mindanaoan

This camping site is ideal for family retreats. There are many Instagram-worthy spots in this campsite where you can pose non-stop until you get that perfect shot. Besides picture taking, you can also do family activities such as strawberry picking, eating s’mores and sausages in a bonfire set-up, swimming, and dining. Make sure to bring with you your winter clothes once you stay in Taglucop Strawberry Hills because temperatures can drop to 10 degrees Celsius.

Glamping rates at Taglucop Strawberry Hills start at PhP 9,800 per tent per night.

Dahilayan Gardens and Resort 

Glamping is not only for those who have money to spare. If you are on a budget, glamping is made more affordable to you in Dahilayan Gardens and Resort. Glamping tents in this resort will give you a feeling of living in the heart of the forest as the site is filled with towering pine trees.

During your glamping trip, you can explore the nature parks and gardens located in the resort. Or if you are a home buddy, make sure to bring a good book with you and read while admiring the view of lush greeneries. 

There are four glamping tents in Dahilayan Gardens and Resort to choose from, which can accommodate three to four persons. Rate starts at PhP 2,500 only.

Being one with nature doesn’t always mean rugged or raw living. Thanks to glamping sites, you can conveniently live surrounded by natural wonders without being deprived of comforts. Recharge your body and mind after a stressful week at work. Head over to these nature parks in Bukidnon with family and friends and enjoy the breathtaking views of what Bukidnon has in store for you.

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