Manolo Fortich Charter Month celebration underway – sked inside!

MANOLO FORTICH, BUKIDNON, MINDANAO – The Municipality of Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon, Mindanao is currently celebrating its Charter Month with various activities this month of June.

Manolo Fortich, formerly known as the Municipality of Maluko, was declared the “Municipality of Manolo Fortich” in June 21, 1957 via Republic Act number 1720.

manolo-fortich-municipal-hallThe following is the official schedule of activities for this year’s Manolo Fortich Charter Day celebration. Very special thanks to Miss Gina of the Northern Bukidnon Chamber of Commerce and La Montana Tours: (you MUST check out her website — she has photos with Angel Locsin and Piolo Pascual which were taken during the location shoot of “Love Me Again” 🙂 )

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June 1 -5 – sports activities

June 6 – National Badminton Competition and Variety show sponsored by the business sector (5pm, Manolo Fortich Tennis Court)

June 7, 8, 9 – sports activities

June 10 – Inter barangay boxing competition (Manolo Fortich municipal gymnasium)

June 11 – Farmers Day (Tennis Court)

June 12 – Independence Day Celebration / Presentation of Miss Manolo Fortich candidates / Search for the Singing Idol / Horse and Carabao Race (elimination) / Night Cafe

June 13 – Bikini Open (Mangima Adventure Valley) / Horse and Carabao Race (finals) / 1st RQ Community Service Awards Night (7pm, gymnasium) / Night Cafe

June 14 – Motocross (flat track)

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June 15 – Liga ng Barangay (6pm, gymnasium)

June 16 – Cheerdance (1pm, gym) / Disco (7pm, Manolo Fortich municipal gym)

June 17 – Basketball and Volleyball championship games

June 18 – Off Road (Day 1) Mangima Adventure Valley / Laro ng Lahi

June 19 – Coronation Night Miss Manolo Fortich pageant (7pm, gym) / Off Road Day 2 / Night Cafe

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June 20 – CVO Pineapple Fun Relay (6am, highway) / Streetdancing (Inter Barangay) – highway / float parade / Off Road Day 3 / Night Cafe (tennis court) / HOT BABE SHEREE LIVE IN CONCERT (7pm, gym)

June 21 – Civic Military Parade / Culmination Program / Flag Hoisting / Off Road Day 4 / Night Cafe featuring Yupangco talents / Fireworks Display (Plaza)

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