Malaybalay City crimes from 853 to 1639 – what will happen now?

OPINION | COMMENTARY | BUKIDNON BLOG – This is one of those days when a place blogger like Bukidnon Online simply just has to write about facts and comment on them, even if it means putting his or her place or locale in a bad light. As much as Bukidnon Online does not want to discuss this especially with the Kaamulan Festival 2011 just around the corner, it’s but a fact. A sad, worrisome one but a fact nonetheless.

Allegedly, the crimes in Malaybalay City has increased from 853 to a whopping 1,639!

From 853 in 2009, the number of crimes increased to 1,639 in 2010.

Bukidnon Online confirmed this with the Malaybalay City police station. The policeman who answered our call said it was true but added, in vernacular, that they were doing everything to “address the matter.”

Don’t know about you but we’re very worried about this. We do not want to be alarmists here but the numbers are scary.

We’re sure the city government of Malaybalay and the local police force are doing something about this but we still cannot help but be worried and scared.

Remember what happened to Jasper Santoninio and more recently, at Development Bank of the Philippines – ATM along Fortich Street (Malaybalay City’s main thoroughfare, no less!)?


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