Is this an epal move by Sumilao councilor Del Rosario?

BUKIDNON NEWS | BUKIDNON BLOGGERS – So we’re interested to know. Is this an epal move by Sumilao Bukidnon councilor Gary del Rosario? Bukidnon Online spotted this large sign at the Sumilao Public Market yesterday, October 27, 2012 and we have a couple of questions for Sumilao councilor Gary del Rosario — first of which, does he even KNOW about this and was this his idea?

While the intention may be laudable, is there really a need to put up a sign like this? Or is this just a reminder? But who will make sure that the law is followed and who will capture violators? Has there even been a violator who was charged a fine?

Is there really a need to put his name on the sign? Does councilor del Rosario even know that his name is on this sign?

Check out the sign — it is NOT even complete. Can you see that the municipal ordinance number isn’t even indicated? Based on the sign, the money used to create this was apparently taken from the SPF of Sumilao councilor Gary del Rosario. How much did it cost and who did the councilor and/or his staff commission to create this?

Moreover, why was this sign put up just now? With just a few months before the May 2013 elections?

Actually, this sign reminds us of the Anti-Epal Movement. According to this Inquirer news report, “Epal” is Filipino slang that combines being a “credit-grabber” and “thick-faced.” The term best describes politicians who splash their pictures on public works projects to claim credit unmindful of the certainty that the public knows the projects are paid for with taxpayers’ money.

Do you think this sign is an “epal” move by Sumilao councilor Gary Del Rosario? Leave your comments below.

These are just questions and we hope that the councilor, who was voted by the people of Sumilao as a public servant, will soon air his side. Before the members of the nationwide Anti-Epal Movement gets wind of this.

We’re now curious what Councilor del Rosario has to say about this. Bukidnon Online hopes to receive his statement.

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