EXCLUSIVE Breaking News: New Manolo Fortich municipal website launched, aimed at international tourist market

manolo-fortich-municipal-hallMANOLO FORTICH, BUKIDNON – The official website of the Municipality of Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon has finally been launched! The webmaster, an Englishman living in Manolo Fortich and working alongside the Municipal Government, shares this exciting piece of news EXCLUSIVELY with Bukidnon Online:

High in the mountains of Bukidnon, Mindanao, the Municipality of Manolo Fortich has launched its new website available in 13 different languages, aimed at Local, National and International visitors alike.  The site is extremely detailed and colourful and covers all aspects of local life for business, tourists, home-makers, local government and the general population.

Readers can influence the content of the site!


During the site’s final “polishing” you are invited to make suggestions about content.  Uniquely this site is being built “On-Air” so to speak, so you can watch it grow over the coming weeks up to completion.

Comprehensive Information

The new site offers a GIANT range of information, from Local Government you get to see the heads of each department and find out what the department does, who to contact for your needs and even download forms to save you travelling.  Every Department has its own mini-website as does every Barangay.

There are sections that give an overview of the Municipality, detailed maps and travel information, information about places to stay, eat and drink and enjoy yourself.  You can find out about wildlife, how to make your home in Manolo, if you’re a business person you can check the exchange rate or stock exchange, you can get the weather forecast, find out about farming, see a picture gallery of the Municipality, kids can find out about local history or the Philippine Eagle, there are competitions, there’s a directory of all the local organisations, emergency numbers, articles about caves and mountain climbing, lots of different sports and leisure centers, conference centers, hotels, where to fish and shoot…it goes on and on!

The new website can be found HERE. BUKIDNON ONLINE is one of the partner websites of the new Manolo Fortich website. Check out the link to Bukidnon Online right below the Manolo Weather Report on the index/home page of the said website.

Welcome to the age of Information Technology!

Photo courtesy of the new Manolo Fortich website

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