Bukidnon Online now loads faster on phones, iPads, iPhones, mobile web

Hello everyone! Just a quick update for all of you especially those who often use mobile web browsers or other mobile gadgets to access the Internet and consequently, this blog about Bukidnon. Bukidnon Online, the largest, longest running interactive blog about Bukidnon, can now easily be accessed through your mobile phones, iPads, iPhones, iTouch and other mobile gadgets. BukidnonOnline.com now loads faster on your mobile gadgets capable of accessing the Internet.

Before this development, it would take a good few minutes before the entire “look” of this Bukidnon blog appears on mobile gadgets. Fortunately, we’ve stumbled upon a cool WordPress mobile plugin that makes it easier for everyone to access Bukidnon Online and its contents.

So for those of you on the go, or those who are abroad and frequently visits this humble blog about Bukidnon, fret not! If your phone is wi-fi or mobile web capable, it’s now easier for you to know the latest Bukidnon news and updates 🙂

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