Allan Bigcas explains why he’s running for Bukidnon governor

BUKIDNON ONLINE | BUKIDNON NEWS | BUKIDNON ELECTIONS 2013 – Several people raised eyebrows when controversial car dealer Lynard Allan Bigcas or Allan Bigcas, a man who grew up in Talakag, Bukidnon, decided to formally file his certificate of candidacy to run as Bukidnon governor. After all, Allan Bigcas used to hog national headlines and even had to appear before Congress after he was charged with alleged smuggling and illegal drug possession. Besides, not a lot of people know who Allan Bigcas is except that he’s a mighty impressive motocross rider, he stayed in the USA for several years and he’s a successful businessman. But does he have what it takes to lead Bukidnon as governor?

In this video, exclusively taken by Bukidnon news blog, Allan Bigcas explains what prompted him to run for Bukidnon governor.

Watch the video below to find out why Bigcas decided to run for Bukidnon governor. Please share your thoughts/reactions in the comments section below as well. Thank you!

allan bigcas bukidnon governorIn his sorties, Bigcas often uses the slogan “Bangon Bukidnon kay Bigcas.”

Here’s the exclusive Bukidnon News blog Bukidnon Online’s article and photos during Allan Bigcas’ COC filing at the Bukidnon Commission on Elections office last October 2012. Here’s a lengthier version of an article about Allan Bigcas and the cases filed against him.

The Talakag native emphasized that he is now “clean” and “ready to serve the people of Bukidnon.” Bigcas produced a drug test then that indicated he tested negative.

Meanwhile, did you know that Allan Bigcas also likes to sing? Here’s a video taken and owned by this Bukidnon blogger of Allan Bigcas belting out a Bon Jovi song.

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