Want to host tourists this Kaamulan season?

KAAMULAN FESTIVAL 2011 SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES | KAAMULAN FESTIVAL | TOURISM IN BUKIDNON – Was inspired by the many emails we’ve been receiving the past few days. A lot of tourists, most of them first time visitors to Bukidnon, have been sending us emails and have been asking us if we can refer them to Bukidnon hotels, inns, hostels etc.

Unfortunately, whenever we send them a few recommendations, all of them email us back and tell us the dreaded news: all inns in Bukidnon are now fully booked! So what should tourists who are interested to witness the much-awaited Kaamulan Festival 2011 do? This is where we had a light bulb moment of sorts.

Why not ask you – our dear Bukidnon Online readers, supporters and subscribers – if any of you want to host these tourists this Kaamulan season?


Of course, you have the choice to charge or not to charge for homestay. It’ll be your call. What you can do is let these tourists (a lot of them who have been emailing us are foreigners who want to witness the country’s only authentic ethnic festival) stay in your home and you be their host. You have the option to let these tourists know if you have a couch, a small space, a small bed, an extra cot or even an extra room. You can also let them know if you need to charge a small fee for your service.

So…are you interested to host tourists this Kaamulan season? Let Bukidnon Online know and we’ll hook you up with these interested tourists!

Also, if you’re a tourist interested to visit the province this Kaamulan season, you may also contact us. We will do our best to help you as well.

Finally, if you own a hotel, hostel, inn, boarding house, motel, resort or any other type of accommodation, please contact us as well and we’ll help you get clients!

Important disclaimer: Bukidnon Online will only serve as a referring party. We will not, in any circumstance, receive any money from both or either the tourist/s and the interested host/s in Bukidnon. If you’re an interested host, please exercise caution if and when you decide to accommodate a tourist. Bukidnon Online is only doing this as a form of PUBLIC SERVICE. Thank you for understanding.

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