Valencia City mayor orders a “smoke free environment”

VALENCIA CITY | BUKIDNON NEWS | COMMENTARY – Re-electionist Valencia City Mayor Leandro Catarata has reportedly recently ordered the full implementation of a “smoke free environment” in all areas of the Valencia City Hall – from the grounds to the buildings. This, to ensure a healthy and clean environment as well as a productive work force.

Catarata’s memorandum also requires that a “no smoking” sign be conspicuously placed inside the offices and that city government officials and employees be disallowed to smoke anywhere within the Valencia City Hall premises.

Catarata, who’s seeking a third term this coming May 2010, ordered all these under Memorandum Order No. 8 series of 2010. Of course, it is expected that all officials and employees abide by the order.

While I laud the Valencia City mayor for this effort (of course, there are more benefits than disadvantages), what I’m pretty concerned about is the implementation.

How can this be implemented and who will monitor its implementation?

How can the public be assured that these guidelines are carefully followed?

How can the public be assured that this is not just mere lip service?

Truth be told, these orders are achievable and highly doable. Just take the case of the Davao City government. They have been successfully enforcing a “smoke free environment” for years. My guess is that the same can be done by the Valencia City government.

It’s time that the government takes the lead in enforcing rules that affect people’s health.

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