The winner of our mini raffle is here!

A few days ago, we here at announced a mini-raffle contest. Prizes for our simple contest were these shown below — an oriental-inspired tote that we bought in Hong Kong plus two keychains we bought in Singapore and Malaysia. We aimed to hold the contest in an effort to encourage you, our dear loyal readers, to invite more readers of this humble Bukidnon blog.

And here’s a little piece of news — based on our recent traffic stats, Bukidnon Online sure has been receiving really, really good traffic! How good?

We’ve already gained nearly 1 million and 500 hundred thousand visitors!!!

Thanks everybody! Please continue to support us 🙂

And now…for the winner of our mini-raffle!

As we mentioned in our contest mechanics, we will use a randomizer called Random (dot) org to figure out the winner.

The valid entries for our contest are:

1. zoan
2. rashid
3. lito
4. levi grace
5. sarahlynn
6. kleomarlo
7. chin-chin
8. aiza
9. suzette

And here’s the result:

Congratulations to CHIN-CHIN a.k.a. Gisheil Bolivar for winning our mini-contest! 😀

Please wait for our email for instructions 🙂

Thank you to each and everyone who joined this contest! We’ll have another one coming up!

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