Revealed: DRIVER under Valencia mayor’s office leads 54 job order employees

BUKIDNON ONLINE | BUKIDNON NEWS | CONTROVERSIAL | VALENCIA CITY BUKIDNON NEWS – Who is Erick Borbon and why does he manage a total of 54 job order employees? Or better yet, who is Erick Borbon and why does he administer 54 Valencia City job order employees even if he’s just a driveron a casual job assignment, no less – assigned under the Office of the City Mayor?

This is what’s baffling the Valencia City councilors these days. I mean, really, Erick Borbon, it seems, has even more employees working under him than a councilor who got elected by the people!


And, really, a VERY humiliating revelation against the Catarata administration.

Borbon’s stint in the Office of City Mayor Leandro Catarata as “driver” (on casual appointment) started as soon as Catarata revived his post as the city’s chief executive.

Reliable sources tell that most of the job order employees who are under Borbon’s watch are street sweepers and those who clean other public areas.

Borbon’s “supervisory role” despite only having a casual appointment as driver got the ire of not a few Valencia City councilors. They insist that Borbon has no right whatsoever to supervise people especially because, and quite obviously, this isn’t within the realm of his tasks/duty as driver.

As his response to this controversy, Erick Borbon says that it will do the city more good if his so-called “supervisory role” is revoked so that he can just concentrate on being a driver – who has a casual appointment, mind you – for the city government.

Now I have three questions, please:

1. who appointed Erick Borbon as the one in-charge of these 54 job order employees and was there an official appointment?

2. if this matter wasn’t unearthed by the city council, did Borbon or the city mayor have any plans of disclosing the truth at all?

3. as a driver who only has a casual appointment, didn’t Erick Borbon feel uncomfortable at all to be managing 54 people under him? Didn’t he wonder if it was possible for him to get a more fitting appointment (which also has better pay, I assume)? Or — and I’m really afraid to ask this — does he only have casual appointment because he has yet to pass the needed Civil Service Commission tests?

Yun lang.

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