Quitting SMART Bro and switching to GLOBE Wimax

SMART Bro sucks. SMART Bro customer service sucks. And because we simply cannot fathom the poor service, unprofessional attitude and manners shown by one specific SMART Wireless Center employee, our billing statements always get delayed (and sometimes don’t even get sent at all), the fact that the SMART customer service agents can’t even trace our payments (how odd is that?) and more importantly, the fact that the company itself doesn’t exert effort to at least remind their subscribers that their accounts are qualified for renewal benefits, BukidnonOnline.com has, after nearly three years of being loyal subscribers, finally quit SMART Bro and has now switched to GLOBE Broadband. We specifically chose the Globe Wimax service, a wireless Internet service.

Thankfully, we’re contented with the Globe Wimax service in Bukidnon so far. Pretty fast Internet, way more courteous and knowledgeable customer service agents (you can reach the Globe Broadband Internet hotline by dialing 211 using your Globe handyphone) and hopefully, way better benefits for paying customers in the long run.

Our switch to Globe Internet from Smart Bro does not mean, though, that we won’t criticize Globe Broadband if we need to.


With this, we highly recommend that you give Globe Broadband a try. If you’re in Bukidnon, you can find a Globe Business Center in Valencia City, Bukidnon. You can also call 211 and ask for details on how to reach an authorized Globe Internet agent nearest you.

May we stress that this is NOT a paid post. Let’s just say we just got too pissed off with SMART Bro that we’re hoping everyone teaches them a lesson by switching to other Internet Service Providers.

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