Jollibee charges 10 percent delivery fee and we are not pleased

MALAYBALAY CITY | JOLLIBEE DELIVERY | VALENCIA CITY BUKIDNON | OPINION | COMMENTARY | FOOD REVIEW – We’re guessing we’re among the only few who apparently do not know that Jollibee now has a 10 percent delivery charge. How’d we eventually found out, you ask? Because my brother ordered earlier today and he told us that we had to shoulder an extra P50 plus pesos for delivery.

Well, since we obviously did not know that they have this so-called “new policy” (which was implemented last year, according to the manager of the Malaybalay City branch of Jollibee), that irked us big time.

For one, we have never ever been happy with the Jollibee Malaybalay delivery service. Seriously. We ALWAYS as in ALWAYS encounter a problem. Either we end up staying on the phone too long (and we always use a cellular phone because we don’t have a landline so accckkk with the expenses!) because the person who took our order did not have a calculator on hand to use or we end up receiving cold food.

There have also been instances when we don’t receive the proper number of kubyertos and condiments or we don’t receive the “freebies” that we’re supposed to get along with our order (e.g. remember those days when Jollibee Malaybalay still gave out “free rice”? Even if their promo was still ongoing and even if our order did qualify for freebies, we didn’t receive them)

These reasons may sound mediocre to many but for us who pay the right amount, we believe that we also deserve the right treatment and right service.

So as you can see, we haven’t exactly been very happy customers. So that 10 percent delivery fee was really a let-down.

And all along, we NEVER knew that they’ve been incorporating the 10 percent delivery fee in all our orders since last year!

So our contentions right now are:

1. Unlike McDonald’s, Jollibee sure did a very poor job in informing the public of this 10 percent delivery fee. McDonald’s has launched nationwide information campaigns for their flat rate P40.00 delivery fee. Why didn’t Jollibee do the same?

2. The 10 percent delivery fee sure is hefty especially if you have a P500.00 order and you only live roughly 30 meters away! The P50.00 delivery charge is already very expensive.

3. We wouldn’t mind paying the delivery charge if AND ONLY IF we also receive proper service and we are treated well. Bad customer service and poor customer relations should be a NO-NO.

Before we forget, by the way, we have always made it a point to ask for the manager of Jollibee Malaybalay and tell her our concerns. However, we still do not see impressive changes.

Exactly how many times should paying customers air their complaints before they get treated the way they are supposed to be treated?

May this post reach the Jollibee Malaybalay management and the Jollibee Philippines head office as well.

Seriously, it’s time for you guys to shape up.

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