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While social networking has proven to be very effective and helpful not only in every person’s life, activity, business or relationships but in community building as well, it also has its “downside.” Because it’s very easy to set up an account with every possible social networking site these days, it’s also very easy for “critics” to bash their favorite targets.

Take the case of Valencia City Mayor Leandro Catarata. Amid news that he’s facing a suspension order from the Office of the Ombudsman, he’s also facing a “virtual critic” these days — the Anti-Catarata Facebook Page.

Check out the Anti-Catarata Facebook Page here.

As you can see, last September 12, the Anti-Catarata FB page’s status said “Mao na inyohang gpili na mayor? Maka uulaw in a majormajor way.”

While there aren’t many “fans” of the page yet, it’s curious to note that such page was created by an anonymous person.

What do you think of this?

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