For sale: Kabit from Malaybalay City, Bukidnon

Yes, kabit is now for sale. In fact, kabit is being manufactured right from Malaybalay City, the capital of Bukidnon!

Now, before you all get revved up, let’s clarify things. In Tagalog, kabit means connect, attach or fasten. In Bisaya, kabit means the “other woman,” mistress or someone one has an illicit affair with.

The kabit that’s for sale is neither. We’re talking about KABIT (tear jerker) salt and pepper crunchy chili garlic made by an entrepreneur in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon!

Made by our friend Miss Christine, who also first brought us to this lovely eco-cultural farm where we saw and purchased a lot of tea plants and herbs, kabit (Php 100 per jar) is not for the faint of heart.

Its ingredients include reaper and scorpion chilis, garlic, coconut oil, salt, sugar, lime and sodium benzoate.

If you’re wondering why this is called kabit, so are we! Our theory is — maybe because kabits “spice” things up and usually cause tears? Hmm. What do you think?

Miss Christine sold these babies, along with her other Christy Chilli products, during the recently concluded Tapok Mag-uuma event. Aside from purchasing kabit, we also bought chili flakes (Php 35 per pack) and the tarragon limeade detox drinks (Php 25 per bottle). The detox juices were so good especially when super chilled! Highly recommended!

Chili lovers, raise your hands!

Right beside Miss Christine’s products were Bukidnon pasalubong products made by Miss Jennifer. She sold these Te Jenn Potato Chips (Php 100 for a large pack), camote chips and soft and fluffy puto cheese! We absolutely enjoyed the potato chips and camote chips (we bought the chili cheese flavored ones). The puto cheese pieces were gone in a flash!

We’re very happy to see that the local food production industry is alive and kicking! Let’s support these Bukidnon entrepreneurs!

Interested to buy a kabit? 😉 Call 0929 439 1705. Look for Miss Christine and tell her Bukidnon Online sent you!

Want potato chips and camote chips? Call 0906 813 0295. Look for Miss Jennie and tell her Bukidnon Online sent you 🙂

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